Eclat S1 Steering column

The round black things at the bottom. Hope this helps with the where to put posts problem.

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Eclat S1 Steering column

Post by RichJ »

Hi everyone.

It appears that the lower steering column bearing is not serviceable on the early cars.
Any suggestions?



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Re: Eclat S1 Steering column

Post by Pete Boole »

Hi Rich

Just had this conversation on TLF!!

Have you got the bearing out? When I dismantled mine I was surprised to find that both races were in good condition and that it was the seal and spring arrangement that was the problem.

These are the parts that make up the lower bearing:


part 1 is the outer race

part 2 is the inner race

part 3 is an O-ring

parts 4,5 & 6 are what remains of the seal - two layers of plastic film with foam in between.

part 7 is the washer that retains the seal - it is held in place by the outer race having a swaged retaining lip formed at manufacture. Obviously there are lots of ball bearings as well!

If you prise out the retaining washer and inspect the bearing races you can determine if the bearing is re-useable - you may be surprised!. You need to file small flats on the retaining washer (after carefully making it flat again) to get it back in - you can just about see that in the photo. A seal made from say, nitrile foam would work. The O-ring goes between the inner race and the seal. Everything is kept concentric by the lower steering column.

The lower bearing is an angular contact type - it only works properly when the spring at the bottom of the column presses against the sealing washer.

Is your spring and plastic retaining collar still intact Rich?


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