Trolley Jack?

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Trolley Jack?

Post by barker_001 »

Can anyone recommend a low profile trolley jack which will fit under the Excel's front valance, and have sufficient reach to jack on the front chassis crossmember :?:

Until now I have had to drive the car up onto a pair of caravan levelling ramps, in order to get enough clearance to put my standard trolley jack under the valance. It would be ideal to be able to jack the car in a single simple action - much less chance of damage and stop/start wear.

It looks like the requirements would be a reach of a least 700mm to reach the crossmember and still be under about 95mm height to clear the valance.

Thanks for your thoughts gents...

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Re: Trolley Jack?

Post by Lee1 »

Draper do a 72mm £100/130 ish

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Re: Trolley Jack?

Post by don.hasi »

I use the clarks from Elise parts to jack the car on the chassi points. The crossmember seems too soft to me :?:

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Re: Trolley Jack?

Post by KevW »

If anyone is looking for a low profile trolley jack take a look at this on offer for £40 from Halfords ... 57099.html

It has an 8.5cm min height and a 37.5cm max height. I've just bought one and it seems a well made piece of kit
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