Front door speakers

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Front door speakers

Post by Zaphod »

Now my engine is running I have been looking at refitting the doors which have just been thrown onto the car for transport.. Unsurprisingly when the door cards were removed the speakers they have tuned out to be totally shot as they are the originals the car was fitted with at Hethel. What can be fitted in their place ideally without cutting anything?
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Re: Front door speakers

Post by bash »

One of our group fitted some speakers from halfords by the name of vibe. Perfect fit apparently and good sound quality compared to the original.
This was 5 years ago though.
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Re: Front door speakers

Post by AlSmith »

I recently replaced all 4 of my speakers as the rears were blown with "VIBE Audio Pulse 4" 10cm 2 Way Coaxial Speakers" and I am very pleased with the look/sound quality.

However I also replaced the original grills with the ones supplied with the replacement speakers, needed to make 4 new screws holes in the front door cards but these would be hidden if I refitted the original speaker grills at a later date and the rears used the existing holes with no issues. ... th=1&psc=1

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Re: Front door speakers

Post by Tanz »

There is some info here but it is 12 years old :shock: Titled rear speakers but the thread moves to front speakers. Might be worth a read
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Re: Front door speakers

Post by barker_001 »

I've been thinking about doing mine too. Came across these which are actually 3.5" speakers rather than 4" - the same as the front originals. ... 00011FW0G/

Scrolling through the reviews on Amazon, somebody said they fitted them into the original grilles on an Esprit S3 dashboard, which on Google images, looks like the same grille as ours.

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