No Spark Gremlins

For all those wiring gremlins we love, this is the place to discuss them.

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Re: No Spark Gremlins

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Gremlin is still with me - Or at least it was last Thursday.
Cars not been used much last few weeks and the battery was low, both just enough to get the fire going. 3 miles later, Engine died. Side of road investigation showed yet again no sparks.
Fitted new dizzy cap and rotor, plus recharge of battery, and off we go again. - First known time though where the spark disappeared mid journey.
Further investigation yesterday before refitting the air box identified another potential cause - How many time now have I thought that ?
The main HT lead between coil and Distributor had rubbed against the hex screw of jubilee clip holding the crank shaft breather. Wasn't rubbed through, but definitely thinning the insulation.
The other end of the lead had a secondary black rubber sleeve, which to my mind was the wrong end.
So sleeve persuaded to slide down to teh Dizzy end and jubilee clip re positioned and we'll wait on now and see if problem repeats.


Above photo taken after the secondary sleeve was repositioned, but before I turned the clip over.

Certainly stacks up with the Winterbottom event, when I removed the coil end of the HT lead and plugged in a spare to check spark. Unplugging will hav emoved the lead away from the potential earth path.
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