Fuel System

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Fuel System

Post by Cliffords »

Whilst I wait for my son to build my engine waiting for a suitable Crank before we carry on , I have been banished to the fuel system. Tank is now out and so is the 2 gallons of putrid and horrible mixture that has stunk the whole garden out :) . I am currently working on the tank. My question is the fuel pump , that is dead as anything and even after a look inside its gone .

I am replacing the fuel line with new pipe 8mm id and will buy a new pump and plumb it in . I cant see the point of the old design pump at £150 when I can get an electronic generic one for £50. As long as its a puller and low psi, is there any reason not to do that ?

Any alternatives or suggestions welcome and thank you

David ( Early Excel )

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Re: Fuel System

Post by robertverhey »

Refurb your pump with this. Best mod you’ll ever do. Fit and forget.

http://sucarb.co.uk/su-fuel-pumps-spare ... -kits.html
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Re: Fuel System

Post by rbgosling »

I replaced my pump with a copy of a Facet off eBay, for rather less than even the £50 you suggested. Minor faffs were finding adaptors with the correct threads to fit the new pump and the existing pipes, and I used a rubber mount to mount it so the noise transmitted to the body isn't too bad. Still working fine after 4 years so far.
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