Painting the block

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Painting the block

Post by Cliffords »

Whist I am part way through the rebuild and I have a bare and now honed block, liners that is . Before I start to reassemble I was thinking of spraying the outside of the block . Appreciate it has to be operating theatre clean.
Does anyone have any experience of paint that stayed on , same colour as it is now .



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Re: Painting the block

Post by AndyC »

I used a high temperature aluminium paint and that seems to have stayed in place. It might have been the Carplan one or possibly VHT, it was a brush-on type. I did it really just to try and keep the engine a little clean by sealing up the small surface pores.

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Re: Painting the block

Post by PrecisionMike »

I've used "UPOL Aluminium engine enamel" on the recommendation of a very well respected engine machining workshop who has used if for years. I hot washed the block, scrubbed it with detergent using rotary brushes on a drill, dried it and degreaser it with brake cleaner. No primer and sprayed it on the hottest day. It looks great!

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