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Post by Marten »

Pulled the propshaft this morning and the U-joints are phased 45 degrees!
Does this mean the rubber joint has failed? Doesn't look right to me and doesn't strike me as something you are supposed to take apart

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Re: propshaft

Post by Pete Boole »

Lots of these tube-in-tube propshafts are like this now. I've never seen a new one but I can see no reason for the u/js to be out of synch. I'll be having a custom length tube-in-tube propshaft made for my Elite project soon - I'll post up how the process works out.


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Re: propshaft

Post by bash »


The bottom line is a propshaft specialist would know. I wouldnt go down the solid route as Lotus didn't have rubber there for no reason and I know harmonics were an issue otherwise the dampers on the diff bracket wouldnt be there. I would be curious if you solve this, the guy on the link never reported back on his solid shaft.

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