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Re: Lotus videos

Post by Lotus-e-Clan »


IF he got £7995 then that's a good sign... :wink:

Looks great in white with the Toyota wheels and narrow body. A classic early configuration so should be a keeper. :)
Peter K

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Re: Lotus videos

Post by MetBlue »

It was on the market for a while. I saw the advert a good 2 months ago on various sites, but it didn't fit what I was looking for.
Did you notice the state of the dash in the video? Must be all that sunshine in Hull that finished it off.
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Re: Lotus videos

Post by TrevorK »

Now shown as sold so video may have done its job.
What car is that?

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Re: Lotus videos

Post by bash »

I was looking for the active ride Excel but this was the nearest I could get to it. Interesting tho. Its a pity it ended up on a scorpion tank system.

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Pete Boole
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Re: Lotus videos

Post by Pete Boole »

I've seen that before Bash - good isn't it? One car I've always fancied is the coupe version of my Mercedes S350 - the CL - it has active suspension, but everyone I've talked to about it says you need very deep pockets to keep the suspension working after the first 50k miles. Shame.


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Re: Lotus videos

Post by Hawaiis0 »

Home made video from Oliver,s Mount

"https://onedrive.live.com/embed?cid=D6A ... 4tsNwGeUPY"

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