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Post by exceliom »

Hey guys.
So I need to replace the headlights.
The reason is the car has to go through its test, it's not like an MOT but more like a type of approval.
I've actually searched the forum but would appreciate some recommendations.
Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Headlights

Post by Gray14 »

What did it fail on. I've recently bought some new Hella Reflectors, plastic backed so they will not rust and fail. Found on ebay, 7" no pilot light holes H4

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Re: Headlights

Post by Hawaiis0 »

start with some 7 inch crystal replacements off ebay. Will need a Landover or similar mounting ring
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Re: Headlights

Post by Mr Locust »

My conversion recipe to replace Cibie lamps with corroded silvering was;

Wipac 7" "Crystal" lamps - UK need RHD and no sidelamp.

Wipac 7" plastic replacement bowls. I cut the back off to leave only the mounting ring with the bosses for the adjusters and the trim ring.

They were pretty reasonable from an online Landrover specialist when I got them a few years back.

I used Mini chrome bezel outer trim rings instead of the plastic originals because they were in the shed for years, brand new and I was determined to use them!

I put the mounting screw for the outer trim ring at 9 o'clock position viewed from the front of the car. If you put them at the bottom like a Mini you can't get a screwdriver onto the screw head.

Ensure the lamp is plumb when mounted so that the dipped beam cut off is horizontal.

There are some photos in my Lotus Flickr album.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/mrlocust/ ... 9511425357

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Re: Headlights

Post by Marten »

Hawaiis0 wrote:
Mon Aug 01, 2022 17:59
start with some 7 inch crystal replacements off ebay. Will need a Landover or similar mounting ring
Mine has fresh headlights glued in the remains of the original light, retaining the original mounting

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