Water pump replacement

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Water pump replacement

Post by MickW »

Hi All

After 24 years of not letting me down without warning, My Excel obviously had a major problem
when I routinely went to drive it the other day.
There was a screeching sound and a friend said he smelt smoke.
I quickly stopped the engine & closer investigation confirmed there was a fine line of fresh black
on the edge of the water pump drive belt. It looked melted & hot so I didn't touch it.

Attempting to turn the water pump pulley with a 10mm spanner proved impossible -
it was seized solid.

So - as I haven't found a tech article on replacing the water pump, can anyone tell
me what's involved in changing one?

Does the cam belt have to come off?

I have an old spare engine with a nice free water pump which seems fine. Would that be okay, or
has anyone found a weakness that makes new/recon far better?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Water pump replacement

Post by AndyC »

Does the timing belt have to come off?
No, it's easier with it off, but possible with it on. Look in line with the edge of the oil pump/ dissy drive sprocket, you'll see a bolt. If it's hex head it's a pig but possible, if it's a cap head, somebody thought ahead (swap to cap head if you get a chance). You can wiggle that hex headed one out, and wiggle it back in with the sprocket in pace, but easier to wiggle it out and either replace it with cap head or file a couple of mm off the end.

Replacing the pump is easy on the Excel / Eclat / Elite (imagine a bulk head approx 30mm in front of that pulley, that's what it's like on an Esprit. Right back on topic.

You'll need to undo the water pump pulley bolts and take it out of the way (easier than loosening the steering pump and you need the pulley off later anyway.
Undo the hoses that connect to it, don't worry about getting them off, simply free the ends on the pump housing, they'll come off easily when you remove the pump.
Remove the wire to the temp sender unit.

Simply undo the bolts and gently prise the pump off the block.

You can get a kit from places such as SJ, Lotusbits, JAE etc, or you can send your pump in and they'll send a pump back out to you for a few £s extra (about £40 + postage each way difference IIRC. The kit may be quicker (unless you pay a surcharge to cover the value of the housing should you not return it), if you have a puller and a press to remove the old bits and put the new bits in.

can you use the pump off the old engine?
Yes, if it hasn't formed some rust in the bearing since it's been sitting exposed to the air for a while. if it has formed rust in there or on the edge the seal mates with you'll put it on and it'll fail in a few miles time.


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