Live and learn

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Live and learn

Post by MetBlue »

Boy have I got a lot to learn about Excels. :lol:
Been adjusting the clutch. There's 2 clevises on the pedal box, the brake and clutch, so the clevis nearest the tunnel is obviously the clutch clevis. - OH NO ITS NOT. But then you experienced Excel people out there know that already.

I'd noticed the reservoir was nearest the wheel arch, but for some reason assumed the transfer was done after the clevis (obvious now and the way it is is the way I'd do it if I was designing it, but sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees) . Being upside down, inside out in the foot well doesn't help orientation either, so that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

So now I've probably got to adjust the brake back. :roll: Was wondering why the first adjustment I made at the weekend had minimal if any affect.

Every days a school day with Lotus.

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Re: Live and learn

Post by AndyC »

Biggest learning is how to stretch your body to achieve a theoretically impossible position in order to access a part/fixing.

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Re: Live and learn

Post by Ray-s »

They don't call it the Lotus position for nothing :) ..

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Re: Live and learn

Post by bash »

Lotus dangled the pedal box from ceiling and built the car around it. Ive taken one out and its defo the worst job on an Excel.
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Re: Live and learn

Post by Hawaiis0 »

4 bolts to take the seat out - oodles of room thereafter :D
Umm! What to do next?

Pete Boole
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Re: Live and learn

Post by Pete Boole »

Have you checked that the clutch pedal isn't bent yet? Sometimes you can't get enough travel at the master cyl because the pedal has been bent in the past.


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